About Us...

Welcome to Creative Slingers of Ink – Your Oasis for Writing Inspiration and Connection!

Founded in 2023 by the passionate wordsmith Mandy Jo Rindhage, Creative Slingers of Ink is not just a writing group; it’s a vibrant community pulsating with creative energy and camaraderie.

Our Purpose:

At Creative Slingers of Ink, we believe in the transformative power of words. Whether you’re penning your first sentence or embarking on your tenth novel, our mission is simple: to inspire, empower, and connect writers of all levels. From novices to seasoned authors, we’re here to champion your writing journey every step of the way.

Language Diversity:

While our primary communication is in English, our arms are wide open to writers of all languages and backgrounds. In our diverse library, you may discover literary treasures crafted in languages that speak directly to your soul.

Gathering and Growth:

Our heart beats for the community. Through virtual and in-person gatherings, we foster meaningful connections that transcend borders and genres. From lively networking sessions to immersive writing retreats and thought-provoking workshops, every interaction at Creative Slingers of Ink is a step towards your writing aspirations.

Championing Indie Authors:

What defines an Indie Author? It’s the daring spirit who fearlessly brings their stories to life, whether through self-publishing or with the support of a small press. Here at Creative Slingers of Ink, we celebrate and amplify the voices of Indie Authors, providing a supportive platform for their literary endeavors.

Our Mission:

At Creative Slingers of Ink, our mission is straightforward yet deeply impactful: to unite writers from all walks of life and propel them towards their writing dreams. Together, we’re not just crafting stories; we’re shaping destinies.

Our Goal:

At Creative Slingers of Ink, success isn’t measured in book sales or accolades – it’s measured in moments of breakthrough and mutual support. We’re committed to offering writers opportunities to grow, learn, and give back to the community that fuels their passion.

What to Expect:

  • Engaging virtual and in-person networking opportunities

  • Exciting book signings showcasing Indie Authors’ works

  • Inspirational writing sessions to spark your creativity

  • Tranquil writing retreats to fuel your muse

  • Insightful writing conferences featuring esteemed speakers

  • Empowering workshops designed to hone your craft

  • Exclusive features of authors on our website and social media platforms

Join us at Creative Slingers of Ink and let’s embark on an unforgettable literary journey together.

Together, we’ll turn dreams into words, and words into realities.

Ready to write your next chapter with us?

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