The Ultimate Group for Writing, Tech, and Networking!


  • Monday evenings

    • At this time - more to come

  • Zoom

    • Convenient for you, no matter where you are located

  • 2 hour time slot

    • You don't have to stay for the whole time

    • Come late

    • Leave early

    • Although I do recommend staying for the whole time

  • Work on your current project


  • Technology

    • How to use

    • Walk you through

  • Writing

    • How to improve your writing

  • Zoom

    • Convenient for you, no matter where you are located

  • In person

    • Coming in the future


  • Get to know other authors

  • Make those connections

  • Zoom

    • Meet people from all over

  • Facebook Group

  • Slack Workspace - special channel for paid members

  • In person

    • Coming in the future


  • These are coming in the future

  • You'll get a special discount

  • Maybe even extra stuff


  • Multiple authors in one location - up to 5

  • Currently taking place in Michigan

    • Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea in Novi, MI

  • No charge to participate

  • Expanding in the future to other locations

    • In Michigan

    • Around the USA

Featured Authors & Books

A page that has author headshots and their book covers along with links for non-members to purchase them. They will be featured on the Creative Slingers of Ink public website and social media.

In case you were wondering, we do offer a FREE membership.